Kingsley Associates joins Grace Hill
Transactions - JANUARY 21, 2020

Kingsley Associates joins Grace Hill

by Kali Persall

South Carolina–based real estate software company Grace Hill has acquired Kingsley Associates, a real estate consultant company in San Francisco.

Combined with Kingsley Associates, Grace Hill serves multifamily and commercial real estate property management companies, owners and investors. Grace Hill is designed to help clients see future trends and support the execution of actionable talent and property performance plans, according to the company.

“Through our combined work, businesses are able to better engage residents, tenants, customers, employees, owners and bring all constituents together to drive strong operating performance,” said Kendall Pretzer, executive vice president at Grace Hill. “Together with Kingsley, Grace Hill is doing this work in concert with the industry's leading associations and companies, so we can help make real estate enterprises and their workforce the best-trained, highest-performing and most talented people available.”

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