Real Estate - JULY 27, 2020

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Four reasons why office real estate will continue to be essential

by Andrea Zander

A number of emerging trends suggest most employees eventually will be — and more importantly, want to be — returning to the office and most employers will continue to see value in office settings that foster collaboration and culture, reported Black Creek Group in its new report.

Black Creek see four reasons why office real estate will continue to be essential:

People need people. We’re social creatures that crave and thrive off interaction and community, and after spending several months working from home full time, we’ll want to return to the office. Companies will need more office space per employee. Pre-pandemic, square footage per employee was around 214 (a decrease of 12 percent). As we look to return to the office, companies will have to creatively reconfigure office spaces, reimagine common areas and increase barriers between worker
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