Fortified Precast launches high-tech manufacturing OZ fund
Real Estate - AUGUST 7, 2019

Fortified Precast launches high-tech manufacturing OZ fund

by Released

Fortified Precast Technologies has launched Fortified Precast Opportunity Fund.

The sponsor is marketing the fund to high-net-worth-individuals for equity investment in high-tech manufacturing in opportunity zone businesses.

The fund is authorized to raise $100 million.

Fortified Precast Opportunity Fund is looking to make an economic impact by investing in the development of automated precast manufacturing plants focused on residential and commercial infrastructure in the United States, starting developments initially in Florida.

Fortified Precast Technologies aims to introduce the future of casting solid concrete steel reinforced walls exceeding all current building codes to include hurricane straps, windows and doors as options. The new product offers stronger home, higher-quality construction, faster delivery times, lower insurance premiums for the customer and builder, reduced inspections, and improved industry standards.

Fortified Precast Technologies has partnered with the Vollert Group from Germany in the development of multiple advanced precast manufacturing facilities.

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