EPIC OZ Fund I LP launches, targeting $180m in commitments
Other - NOVEMBER 3, 2023

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EPIC OZ Fund I LP launches, targeting $180m in commitments

by Released

EPIC OZ Fund I, a women-led opportunity zone fund, has launched.

The fund distinguishes itself to investors by taking a page from experiential marketing in its effort to drive inter-market stimulation, stacked tax-advantaged strategies, including both energy and real estate deductions and credits, and intentional place-based investments. Experiential tourism is expected to drive a 200 percent to 300 percent growth in real estate markets through wealth-catalyzing foot traffic in under a decade, with an average 15 percent increase in wages through upskilling and incubation initiatives. EPIC believes that by combining diverse industries and asset types with a well-structured process of specific economic catalyzations, the fund will be able to construct a high-impact portfolio while also seeking to generate attractive returns for eligible investors.

Rachel Vass, co-founder, said, “EPIC OZ Fund I is answering the question of what it would look like if you could invest in

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