Real Estate - DECEMBER 6, 2018

Dollar General becomes one of the biggest retailers in the U.S. by store count

by Andrea Zander

Dollar General has plans to open more than 900 new stores and remodel 1,000 older locations, beginning in 2019. In addition, it plans to relocate 100 locations.

The dollar store chain plans to remodel more stores to include extra refrigerated space and a fresh produce section and step up its “Better-For-You” initiative to offer customers healthier consumables.

Dollar General aims to convert more locations to the Dollar General Traditional Plus (DGTP), which accommodates a larger cooler count. Of the 1,000 planned remodels, about 500 will be converted to the DGTP format and approximately 200 will add produce.

A spokesperson for Dollar Tree told Business Insider that it plans to open 550 new locations in 2019, 350 of which will be Dollar Tree stores and 200 will be Family Dollar.

Through the end of the third quarter 2018, Dollar General opened the doors to 750 new stores, remodeled 925 locations and relocated 92 others. The remodels included 359 DGTP conversions and 107 locations adding a produce section. The discount retailer has a 2018 target of 900 store openings. It has 15,227 stores across 44 states. Subway beats it with approximately 25,800 U.S. locations.

Compared with other U.S. brand names, McDonald’s boasts 14,000 locations and Starbucks has 14,600. And compared with U.S. general merchandise stores, Walmart has 5,352 stores in the United States; CVS has 9,800; Kroger has 2,765; and Target  has 1,850.

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