87% of Gen Z believes homeownership is key to building wealth
Other - AUGUST 9, 2023

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87% of Gen Z believes homeownership is key to building wealth

by Andrea Zander

Most of Generation Z want to be homeowners, but feel it’s inaccessible for them, according to a new survey from Arrived, the first SEC-qualified real estate investing platform that allows anyone to buy shares in single-family and vacation rental homes.

Gen Z largely finds homeownership to be valuable, financially and emotionally. A vast majority (87.2 percent) of Gen Zers surveyed said homeownership is important when it comes to building wealth, and almost two in three (65 percent) say it’s personally important to them to own a home. Rather than seeing it as a symbol of success, financial security and stability were tied as the top two reasons why Gen Z wants to own a home, with 65 percent of Gen Z respondents who want to buy a home citing each of these factors as their main motivation.

However, only 25.2 percent of people under 25 currently own their home, according to Census data2. High home prices are the main reason why building wealth through real estate seems

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