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Shop Talk: The investor-advocacy campaign on Capitol Hill

It was IPA Week in Washington and staff and members of the Institute for Portfolio Alternatives used an array of virtual meetings with elected officials and congressional staffers to advocate on behalf of the investment community in four major areas. IPA president and CEO Tony Chereso joins the program to report on the efforts made. (09/2020)

Shop Talk: Trends in agriculture production and investing

How many dollars are currently invested in the U.S. and global ag sector? How has ag investing performed in recent years? What is the potential impact of early-stage technology startups? What are the prospects of another agricultural revolution meeting the challenge of growing food demand? And how is ag expected to contend with climate change, less arable land and shrinking water supplies? To get caught up on the latest trends in the space, we are joined by Philippe de Lapérouse, managing…

Inside the Edition: Michael Nathanson, CEO, The Colony Group

This is an edited version of a cover profile interview conducted by Real Assets Adviser editor Mike Consol with Michael Nathanson, CEO of The Colony Group. Nathanson’s cover profile appears in the September 2020 edition of Real Assets Adviser. (09/2020)

Inside the Edition: How to optimize your Zoom meetings and avoid ‘zoom-out’

You might have seen the blooper videos of the gentleman with boxer shorts unintentionally shown on his Zoom meeting call, or the woman unmuted while in the restroom. One thing is for certain — virtual meetings are not going away any time soon. What was once thought a supplement to in-person meeting has now become a business communication staple, so you better be on your “A” game to succeed in the new age of digital meetings. Steve Rokoszewski of Anchor…

Shop Talk: The technological future of multifamily housing projects

With competition rising between apartments projects and against the now booming single-family home market, multifamily is a sector in search of competitive advantages, whether by offering more innovative formats, embedding smart-home technologies in apartments, or thinking in terms of “lifestyle apartment complexes.” Paul Van, CEO and CIO at Croatan Investments, spends a lot of time thinking about such matters and joins the program as our guest. (08/2020)

Inside the Edition: The presidential election and its implications for the 1031 exchange program

As the 1031 program celebrates its 100th anniversary, its utility to investors could be placed in jeopardy by the tax plan being espoused by presidential candidate Joe Biden, says Dan Wagner, senior vice president of government relations at The Inland Real Estate Group of Cos., who is part of a Capitol Hill advocacy campaign to turn back the proposed revisions. Wagner joins us to explain the situation, and he is also authoring a column on the subject for the October…

Brandon Hunt on Digital Infrastructure 101

Digital Infrastructure assets like cell towers and data centers are integral in supporting our shift to digital platforms, 5G, cloud computing and more. Brandon Hunt, Portfolio Manager at Strategic Capital Fund Management, provides a foundational overview of these resilient, utility-like real assets. (08/2020) Download Brandon’s podcast “assets today and into the future.”

Shop Talk: Single-family housing market catches fire, while the apartment sector starts to cool

Ivy Zelman, CEO of Zelman & Associates, says the U.S. housing sector is experiencing a de-urbanization trend, people are moving from high-cost to lower-cost markets, millennials are having babies and buying single-family homes, and mortgage rates and home inventories are at record lows. Add it all up and Zelman is calling housing a relative winner among U.S. economic sectors. (07/2020)
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