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Shop Talk: An analysis of the current and future U.S. housing market

Housing expert Ivy Zelman, CEO of Zelman & Associates, is noted for having accurately called the top of the housing market in 2005, as well as the bottom of the market in January 2012. She joins the program to discuss the current state of housing, the “yellow flags” she has detected, the emergence of the “I-buyer” market, the low inventory of available single-family homes, and the accelerating build-to-rent market. (05/2019)

Shop Talk: Hollywood and entertainment real estate in L.A.

What were the terms of the landmark 75-year Warner Bros. lease in Burbank? Our guest is Andrew Schmerzler, the business attorney who negotiated the lease. He joins us to discuss other major entertainment projects under development in L.A., what constitutes “entertainment real estate,” the short- and long-term future of entertainment properties, and whether there is a clear path for high-net-worth individuals to participate, either separate from or alongside institutional players. (05/2019)

Author Spotlight: PropTech today and its long-term future

Aaron Block and Zach Aarons, co-authors of PropTech 101: Turning Chaos Into Cash Through Real Estate Innovation, join the program to discuss their book, the PropTech startup incubator and VC organization they co-founded, and to outline their vision of how property technology will revolutionize the real estate business. (05/2019)

Focus on Alternatives: Stephen Blum on RIAs in the alternative investment space

Stephen Blum, president and founder at Strategic Wealth Planning, joins Greg Mausz, EVP, operations & due diligence at Preferred Apartment Communities, and president-elect at ADISA, to discuss the entrance of RIAs into the alternative investment space and explains the benefits of incorporating alternative investments into portfolios, the steps that should be taken and how RIAs can prepare. (05/2019)

Shop Talk: Nonbank lending and investment opportunities in Australia

The Australian real estate debt sector is undergoing substantial change and creating new opportunities for investors. Australian banks are withdrawing from real estate lending, creating openings for nonbank lenders. What kinds of opportunities is this creating for investors? To discuss we are joined by Peter Mitchell, director of Elysium Capital, and a consultant with Emerge Capital on offshore investment into real estate debt and equity products in Australia. He is also ex-CEO of the Asian Public Real Estate Association. (05/2019)

Shop Talk: Integrating AI with real estate crowdfunding platforms

How is artificial intelligence going to be applied to real estate crowdfunding? What are the weaknesses of AI? What void is crowdfunding filling in the real estate market? And how can wealth managers use crowdfunding platforms on behalf of their clients? Our guest — Adam Hooper, founder and CEO of RealCrowd, an online real estate equity marketplace — takes on those subjects. (05/2019)

Focus on Alternatives: Brian Buehler on private equity

Brian Buehler, partner with Triton Pacific, provides an overview of private equity, including a discussion of the five key points to consider when addressing investment opportunities, the importance of branding, exit strategies and more. (05/2019)

Shop Talk: Crowdfunding platforms seek to underwrite infrastructure projects

Crowdfunding platforms have now set their sights on underwriting infrastructure projects, albeit modestly, having raised only about $600 million thus far, and the vast majority of that for the energy sector. Still, it is a new and growing effort that is being tracked by our guest, Kate Gasparro, a Ph.D. student at Stanford University. (04/2019)

Shop Talk: Privately funded high-speed passenger train coming to Texas

Come 2025, travelers will be traveling between Dallas and Houston at upwards of 200 mph on Japanese manufactured trains as part of a roughly $17 billion project being entirely underwritten by private investors. What is the cost structure for the organization and what is its revenue model? What will it cost passengers? What ridership level is required to make a profit? Will the system compete with air travel? And what is it expected to do for surrounding real estate development…

Shop Talk: Apartments moving into short-term rentals

Did you know Airbnb, VRBO and other hospitality marketplaces have started cutting deals with apartment communities to place short-term renters? Or that the economics of short-term rentals are allowing for more dynamic pricing in apartment communities and the potential for higher profitability? Our guest, Georgianna Oliver, CEO of Package Concierge, is operating in the thick of these new trends and sensibilities. She joins us to elaborate. (04/2019)
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