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How thousands of U.S.-based angel investors are staking their claim

There are more than 14,000 angel investors in the United States and more than 260 angel investing groups, and the billions of dollars they commit to startup companies yields returns of over 20 percent annually. Joining us to discuss this prolific group of early-stage investors is Patrick Gouhin, CEO of the Angel Capital Association. (10/2020)

Investment opportunities in the recovering oil and gas market

What is the current situation in energy and the timeline for recovery? What investment opportunities exist? How have the structure and style of direct energy investments evolved over the past several years? Our guests, Matt Iak, executive VP of U.S. Energy Development Corp., and Brad Updike, an attorney and director at Mick Law, offer their observations. (10/2020)

The level of interest among investors in the infrastructure space

What infrastructure categories are showing the greatest need for private participation? Where do the greatest opportunities for returns appear to be? What has been the biggest disappointment in recent years? To answer those questions, we turn to Tommaso Albanese, head of infrastructure at UBS Asset Management. As a bonus, stick around until the end of the podcast for some recommendations on the best Italian restaurants in London and Liverpool. (10/2020)

Shop Talk: New Mexico smart-grid project turns to private investors

The State of New Mexico is launching a new “smart infrastructure” and carbon-neutral energy plan as part of its 2019 Energy Transition Act — and here is one of the best parts of the plan: The state aims to fund the entire $20 billion project with private investment. The so-called digital twin platform project is being pursued through a partnership between two companies, one named The Agile Fractal Grid, the other is named Cityzenith. Our guests are the chief executives…

Real estate alternatives 101: Preparing for the next decade of real estate investment

Real estate alternative sectors are top-of-mind today as investors seek to diversify and future-proof their real estate portfolios. This webinar will discuss three megatrends — a continued shift towards renting, a transformation of the U.S. healthcare system and a rise in the digital economy — that Nuveen expects to help drive the long-term outperformance of alternative housing, healthcare, and technology real estate properties. Learn about demand drivers impacting each subsector and our view of future opportunities. (10/2020) Moderator: Jonathan Schein,…

Shop Talk: Investing in biotechnology

Venture capital firms have long had an on-again/off-again love affair with biotech startups. How do VCs currently view biotechs? What have been some of the industry’s recent successes and disappointments? Has the coronavirus been boost or bane for the industry? And what is the best advice for private equity investors looking to play in the biotech space? Our guest is Daniel Levine, founder of Levine Media Group, which is deeply involved in the industry, and is producer and host of…

Shop Talk: How virtualization of the workforce is spurring office opportunities in secondary markets

With the forced virtualization of much of the U.S. workforce in reaction to the coronavirus pandemic, speculation about the future of the office has been rampant among commercial real estate operators and investors. Among the observers and commentators are Joe Muratore and Ryan Swehla of Graceada Partners, who recently co-authored a white paper discussing how the pandemic will change the nature of offices and work. They view the situation largely from a secondary and tertiary market perspective and have witnessed…
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