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Shop Talk: The rationale behind real estate investing in secondary markets

As prices in primary markets have spiraled, many U.S. and foreign investors have turned to secondary markets to find less expensive deals, bigger yields and the opportunity to achieve market dominance. Our guests on this program — Ryan Swehla and Joe Muratore, co-founders of Graceada Partners — discuss the opportunities and risks associated with secondary market investing. (07/2019)

Shop Talk: Real estate disposition and tax optimization

Kerry Scanlon, senior vice president of Platform Ventures, joins the program to discuss how retail investors can turn their real estate holdings liquid while deferring and minimizing their tax liabilities through the use of opportunity zone funds and 1031 exchange funds. (07/2019)

Author Spotlight: The longevity economy and its implications

Joseph Coughlin, founder and director of the AgeLab at MIT, and author of The Longevity Economy: Inside the World's Fastest Growing, Most Misunderstood Market, joins the program to offer his insights on senior housing trends, modern aging, and why the baby boom generation is living and aging like non-other before it. (07/2019)

In Focus: Jan Brzeski on non-bank real estate lending

Jan Brzeski, managing director and CIO at Arixa Capital Advisors, discusses non-bank real estate lending as an investment strategy, why RIAs and other wealth managers consider it and how to conduct due diligence on investment managers in this space. (06/2019)

Shop Talk: The chaotic state of the California cannabis business

A stew of byzantine licensing protocols, high taxes and the inability to use the banking system has hobbled California’s cannabis industry. Those issues and others have resulted in the state collecting a mere one-third of anticipated revenues from the legalization of cannabis. Several bills to mitigate these problems have been proposed by legislators, but their fate is undetermined at this stage. John Oram, CEO of NUG, joins the program to walk us through the litany of issues. (06/2019)

Shop Talk: Cannabis fundraising with ‘road warrior’ Smoke Wallin

Vertical, a vertically-integrated cannabis company, recently closed its Series A fundraising round at $58 million, $23 million more than its initial target, composed of small investments from many high-net-worth individuals and families. The driving force behind the fundraise was company president Smoke Wallin, who was on the road for months running a political-style fundraising campaign. He joins us to talk about the roadshow and the lessons learned. (06/2019)

Shop Talk: Real estate investing in secondary and tertiary markets

How do you define secondary and tertiary markets? What are the top markets in each category? What are the prime opportunities in those markets for real estate investors? What are the risks? What is the difference between investing in those markets today versus 10 or 20 years ago? To cover those subjects we are joined by Pat Jackson, founder and CEO of Sabal Capital Holdings, a financial services firm specializing in commercial real estate investing. (06/2019)

Shop Talk: Taking REITs public

What kinds of organizations are suited to go public as REITs? What are the antecedents of a successful REIT IPO? How are public REITs expected to perform during the next real estate downturn? What is the biggest difference between the REITs of today and yesteryear? Morrison & Foerster attorney Andy Campbell, who specializes in REIT IPOs, joins the program to bring us up to speed. (06/2019)

Shop Talk: Diversifying the portfolio with agriculture

Did you know food consumption is projected to double over the next 50 years? What ag-tech innovations will have a particularly powerful impact on production and profitability? What are the sweet spots among farm crops? What are historic and projected returns? We discuss these matters with our guest, Martin Davies, CEO of Westchester Agriculture Assets, an affiliate of Nuveen, with about $8 billion of global farmland assets. (06/2019)
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