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Data centers move from real estate niche to center stage

It would be difficult to cite a real estate niche that has garnered more interest and performed better than data centers. But our guests, Casey Miller and Todd Kellenberger of Principal Real Estate Investors, argue that data centers have now moved from a niche real estate play to center stage in real estate portfolios. They join the program to make their case. (01/2021)

Inside the Edition: Mike LaMena, CEO of Wealthspire Advisors

This is an edited version of a cover profile interview conducted by Real Assets Adviser editor Mike Consol with Mike LaMena, CEO of Wealthspire Advisors. LaMena’s cover profile appears in the January 2021 edition of Real Assets Adviser. (12/2020)

Family offices and real estate investing

What happens when you set real estate investing to baseball metaphors and musical references? An interview with Deadhead and real estate executive Ken Munkacy, managing director at Kingbird Investment Management. (12/2020)

What to take into account while constructing 2021 real assets portfolios

After researching 200 asset classes and more than a dozen currencies, the team at J.P. Morgan Asset Management has published its 25th annual Long-Term Capital Market Assumptions report, which has plenty to say about the outlook for real assets. To review the organization’s conclusions for 2021, we are joined by Pulkit Sharma, global head of alternatives investment strategy and solutions at the $150 billion alternatives division for the famed Wall Street bank. (12/2020)

Next-generation infrastructure investing

What defines next-generation infrastructure investing? How does it differ from current infrastructure investing? What types of infrastructure are ripe for private investment? Two Brookfield Asset Management executives — Rob Bellinski, infrastructure investment specialist and senior analyst, and Leonardo Anguiano, managing director and portfolio manager — join the program to illuminate. (12/2020)

In Focus: Abby Rosenbaum on the resilience of grocery-anchored retail

Abby Rosenbaum, a director in the retail-focused real estate research group at Barings, discusses the characteristics that make brick-and-mortar retailers such as grocery stores so resilient in downturns, the main challenges facing this sector and the major trends investors should be aware of moving into 2021. (12/2020)

Author Spotlight: The power of gamification in business, education, government and social impact

Kevin Werbach — professor at Wharton School and coauthor of For the Win: The Power of Gamification and Game Thinking in Business, Education, Government and Social Impact — joins the program to discuss the current state of gamification, where it’s making the biggest impact, how it is being used in financial services, and the six steps required for successfully implementing gamification. (11/2020)  

The role of custodians in the age of alternatives and digital assets

What is the role of the custodian for alternative assets? What about cryptocurrency and other product development trends? Digitalization? Automation? Straight-through processing? And what about the latest fraud risks facing custodians? We discuss these matters with Amy Small, senior vice president and executive director at UMB Bank, where she oversees institutional custody services. (11/2020)

Post-Election: What Lies Ahead for 1031 Exchanges

Moderator: John Grady, Partner, Practus, LLP Featured Speaker: Ryan McCormick, Senior Vice President & Counsel, The Real Estate Roundtable Education and Research Foundation Panelists: Larry Sullivan, President, Passco Companies, LLC; Dan Wagner, SVP Government Relations, The Inland Real Estate Group of Companies, Inc. Questions for the panel included: Why would 1031 find itself in the cross-hairs of Congress or the White House? What happened to 1031 in the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA)?  What might be different this time?…
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