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Peltz International Survey: Family-office allocation to alternatives slips

by Released | Jan 16, 2020

The surveyed family offices allocate most heavily to equities-developed (30 percent), followed by alternatives (25 percent), fixed income–developed (14 percent), fixed income–developing (7 percent), cash and cash equivalents (7 percent), and equity-developing (5 percent).
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Investing legend is imaging portfolios without oil stocks

by Mike Consol | Jan 16, 2020

Jeremy Grantham, rock star investor and co-founder of the fund management group GMO (Grantham, Mayo and van Otterloo), rocked some pumpjacks while speaking at an ESG investment conference in London and suggesting investors dump their oil stocks — or avoid them at the least.
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Apartment completions to surge in 2020

by Released | Jan 16, 2020

After the U.S. apartment stock grew more than 2 million units during the past decade, the volume of annual completions will climb further as the 2020s begin.
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Risk in the multifamily sector in a late-cycle environment

by Loretta Clodfelter | Jan 15, 2020

As commercial real estate enters a late-cycle environment, questions about risk are at the forefront of investors’ minds. Compared to other property types, the multifamily sector may be more insulated from cyclical upheaval.
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Bridge Investment Group to invest $4.5b in multifamily housing

by Released | Jan 15, 2020

Bridge Investment Group and its subsidiaries Bridge Multifamily Fund Manager, Bridge Debt Strategies Fund Manager, and Bridge Development Fund Manager have raised and plan to deploy $4.5 billion of equity over the next three years.
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