Institutional Real Estate Americas

November 2012: Vol. 24 No. 10

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Prometheus Rising: Though Stymied by Investors’ Aversion to Risk, the Space Occupied by Emerging Managers Still Brims with Promise

The salad days of real estate investing are long behind us. But that hasn’t stopped emerging managers — loosely defined as firms with no more than $750 million and three funds under management — from proliferating in recent years, even as the bar that investors have set for manager selection has gotten even higher. Few pension funds have established emerging manager programs because the cost is steep. Despite all of this, many of the people in and around the emerging manager business still get frothy about the topic.


Making the Connection: A Number of Variables Have to Come Together to Make a Modern City Work Effectively

There is a great deal of variation in the prime or class A rents achieved in different cities across the world. Prime rents at city level can be analysed to explain why rents vary between cities. Property investment returns are essentially city-driven (rather than country-driven) and, as a result of on-going urban change, it is vital to be able to pick those cities that will outperform.


Real Estate Goes to Washington: With Stakes High Up and Down the Ballot, Industry Leaders Are Pressing Their Case

In the height of this political season, organizations representing real estate professionals and investors are flexing their muscle in trying to promote, modify or outright quash pieces of legislation they consider injurious to their business. That goal has implications ranging from whom to elect as the next President and members of Congress right down to state and local propositions and initiatives.

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