Institutional Real Estate Americas

December 1, 2015: Vol. 27, Number 11

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One way not to align interests

How can you make sense of an arrangement where investors are evaluated on the basis of time-weighted returns, while incentive fees paid to managers are structured on an IRR basis?


The future of work: The best of times, the worst of times

What will the future bring, in terms of job growth? What kinds of jobs will be created in an increasingly automated world? Those questions should be on everyone’s minds these days because they have massive consequences for spatial demand and the very economy itself.


What's the deal with Chicago?

The perennial Second City seems destined for second-place — or worse — as it is eclipsed by property markets on the coasts. While the city’s office market is the second-largest in the country, Chicago’s office market plays second-fiddle to New York City on most any measure.


What comes next for the Fed?

At its meeting in mid-December, the Federal Open Market Committee will decide whether to increase the federal funds rate from its current level of virtually zero.


Casting a wide net

According to Institutional Real Estate, Inc.’s FundTracker database, the vast majority of both new offerings and closed funds have featured a diversified strategy, followed by funds focused on debt.

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