Institutional Real Estate Asia Pacific

October 1, 2021: Vol. 13, Number 9

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Asia Pacific

The trouble with incentives: Alignment is as alignment does

It’s easy to claim you are engaged in aligning interests between investors and investment managers. It’s another thing entirely to actually do something that aligns those interests. To be clear, connecting people with similar interests is not the same thing as aligning those interests.

Asia Pacific

NPS, Teachers’ Pension to expand investment in alternatives

South Korea’s National Pension Service is planning to increase its proportion of its alternative investments to up to 15 percent of its total operating assets by 2024. And by the end of 2021, the Korea Teachers’ Pension plans to increase its allocation to global alternative assets to more than 24 percent.

Asia Pacific

Future Fund hits highest return in history

Australia’s Future Fund has captured an annual return of 22.2 percent, the strongest in the fund’s history. The fund earned A$35.7 billion (US$25.88 billion) for the year, growing to A$196.8 billion (US$142.68 billion) as of 30 June.

Asia Pacific

Australian funds end merger plans

Australian Catholic Superannuation (ACS) and NGS Super have confirmed that, following discussions and extensive due diligence over the past 12 months, the funds will not merge.

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