- October 1, 2021: Vol. 13, Number 9

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Build-to-rent is built to last: Establishing a new institutional asset class in Australia

by Michael Streicker

Australia has a need for innovation in housing. Demand for housing is expected to grow, and within that demand, a desire for premium product with amenities, services and sustainability outcomes that have not previously existed in the Australian marketplace. The current model does not address these needs for renters or typically allow for institutional investors. The build-to-rent model, however, offers a solution and an opportunity for both renters and investors.

For the renter

Under the established build-to-sell, or strata, system in Australia, units are pre-sold to individual investors, who in turn rent them out. As a result, the rental market is highly fragmented, with landlords primarily motivated by asset-value appreciation rather than service to their tenants. For renters, this structure has resulted in inconsistent management and maintenance experiences, as well as expenses, bidding wars and limited rights that increase the cost of renting. Furt

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