Institutional Real Estate Europe

June 1, 2016: Vol. 10, Number 06

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INREV launches investor real estate performance index

The Global Investor Real Estate Performance Index launched by INREV at its annual conference in Vienna on 20 April is designed to give investors something that they have not had before — an index that tracks investor performance and not just fund performance.


Just common sense

I have never been to Greenland and, to be perfectly honest, it’s not the sort of place that has ever made it to the top of my bucket list. Yet that may be about to change.


So predictable: Not real estate, but real life

Political unity at a European Union level has always been a tricky concept — obtained usually by talking through the night at summits in Brussels and wearing the protagonists down — and the introduction of majority voting, such as used in the European Council last year to introduce refugee quotas for EU member states, makes political unity even harder to achieve.


Welcome to the neighbourhood

They may not receive a bouquet of flowers, a plate of cookies or an invite to a neighbourhood BBQ, but an increasing number of institutional investors are moving in and making themselves at home in UK residential neighbourhoods.

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