Institutional Real Estate Europe

January 1, 2019: Vol. 13, Number 1

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Lisbon named number one late-cycle play for 2019

Lisbon has emerged as the number one late-cycle play for real estate investors. Portugal’s capital city has been identified as the top target in the annual Urban Land Institute and PwC Emerging Trends in Real Estate Europe 2019 report.


Cities that work: Understanding the DNA of European office markets

I have lived and worked between London, Munich and Paris for several years now. All three are examples of great cities, but with very distinct features. Proof of their attrac-tiveness can be found on my weekly early Monday morning and Friday evening flights between these cities, which are often full of grey suits, tourists and students.


New owner

The KPN Tower in Rotterdam, Netherlands, has been handed over by Real I.S. to its tenant, the Dutch telecommunications company KPN, after which the building is named.


Playing it safe: Steadying the UK’s property market

For a property market battling Brexit uncertainty, the UK chancellor’s autumn budget — delivered one month ahead of schedule — fell a little short of the mark. I’m not the only commentator to note that the budget failed to provide ground-breaking measures, or indeed any-thing to allay investor fears over a no-deal Brexit, but it did succeed in demonstrating a growing awareness of the challenges facing UK property.


Crypto messages: Is blockchain’s potential about to be realised?

Still not convinced about blockchain technology’s place in real estate investment? Here’s something that might change your mind. 2018 ushered in the arrival of some fascinating new ventures aimed at harnessing the power of blockchain to provide investors with better efficiency and liquidity.

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