Institutional Real Estate Europe

February 1, 2023: Vol. 17, Number 2

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The money talks: The most important issues discussed at the 2022 Editorial Advisory Board meetings

During the past few months, investors, managers and consultants participated in Editorial Advi­sory Board meetings.for each of Institutional Real Estate, Inc's regional publications to discuss the most pressing issues facing the real estate invest­ment industry. The editorial board Institutional Real Estate Americas met in Southern California on 6-8 September; the editorial board of Institu­tional Real Estate Europe met in London on 27-29 September; and the editorial board of Institutional Real Estate Asia Pacific met in Singapore on 25-27 October. Below, the publications' respective editors - Loretta Clodfelter, Marek Hand­zel and Dr Jennifer Molloy, discuss high­ lights from the regional events.


Quality of life to drive decision making in real estate

A new survey run by CBRE, which involved more than 20,000 people worldwide, has revealed that wellbeing, location, ESG and hybrid working will significantly influence real estate decisions from now on. The majority of survey respondents (67 percent) based in Europe told CBRE that they want shorter commute times, and 54 percent want their official places of work to be in better, more convenient locations. Across Europe, 32 percent of respondents are planning on moving in the next two years, and 42 percent of that group are planning to relocate closer to urban cores.

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