Institutional Real Estate Europe

April 1, 2024: Vol. 18, Number 4

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The rent regulation riddle: The jury is still out on the effect of rent controls

In the global landscape of residential real estate, one puzzle looms large: rent regulations. Nations grapple with the delicate balance between tenant protection and investor incentives, with none seemingly finding a solution to appease both sides. That is why the jury is still out on the overall effect of residential rent controls on development, investment and, ultimately, tenant affordability.


Blue-sky AI: Artificial intelligence and real estate

From academia, to major accounting firms, to prestige consultancies of all types, the studies delivered on artificial intelligence (AI) are fashioned in the most sober tones possible — and yet they invariably sound like science fiction. And when the experts address AI and institutional commercial property, the same abyss between gimlet-eyed analysis and everyday believability is encountered. Nevertheless, despite its exact role in real estate not yet having been defined, the power of artificial intelligence cannot be underestimated.


A residential remedy: Affordable housing can deliver great benefits

Europe is suffering from an affordable housing crisis, with the United Kingdom witnessing a more acute shortage of affordable housing for middle- to lower-income households than most other developed nations. As a result, a holistic exposure to the UK’s private and regulated affordable housing sectors can deliver great benefits for investors and residents alike.


Not created equal: London and New York City’s green premium

In a recent study, UBS Asset Management, Real Estate & Private Markets’ (REPM) green premium research focuses on the two largest financial centres in the world, New York City and London. The research examines 1,453 office building transactions in New York City and London between 2010 and 2022. The research confirms the existence of a green premium in green-certified office buildings in New York City and London.


Value correction nearly complete in European markets

A stabilisation in property values is nearly complete in Europe, bringing to an end the pricing declines experienced throughout 2022 and 2023. In a new research paper, Justin Curlow, global head of research and strategy, real assets, at AXA IM Alts, says Europe should see an end to price volatility from mid-2024 onwards.


A lasting legacy: Real estate in a higher bond yield environment

The opportunities and benefits of investing in real estate continue to be compelling and should minimise any capital movement out of the asset class. More than a decade of incredibly low bond yields has left a legacy that will encourage investors to stay with real estate. The sector is now more accessible with more products and routes to market than ever before.

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