Research - SEPTEMBER 4, 2020

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Survey: 35% of U.S. companies do not know when they’ll reopen workplace

by Released

Many businesses hoped to reopen their workplaces after Labor Day, but a new survey of managers and executives suggests a long, uncertain road ahead. 35 percent say the timing of when their companies will reopen the workplace is unknown.

The Conference Board survey also found that only about 60 percent of companies have consulted their workers about their levels of readiness and comfort in returning to the workplace. In addition, despite talk of a looming vaccine and its benefits, just 5 percent say its wide availability would be a significant factor in the timing of a return to the workplace. The findings also reveal that, while most companies have mandated certain protocols for employees arriving at work, only 67 percent are requiring screening, testing or temperature checks.

The survey polled more than 1,100 businesspersons across 20 U.S. metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs). The respondents — primarily C-suite executives, vice presidents and senior managers — r

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