Research - OCTOBER 11, 2019

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German real estate investment market still slowed down by supply shortage

by Andrea Zander

In the first three quarters of 2019, €50 billion ($55 billion) was channeled into the German real estate investment market, marking a decline of 11 percent in a year-on-year comparison, reported CBRE. The investment volume comprises the volume of the residential investment market (down 14 percent to €12.1 billion/$13.4 billion; upward of 50 units) along with the commercial real estate markets (down 10 percent to €38 billion/$42 billion). While the share of the Top 7 markets remained stable, the development of the individual locations varied widely. With an increase of 26 percent to €9.3 billion ($10.3 billion) in the first three quarters, Berlin reinforced its position as the most active investment location by far.

“Especially in the third quarter, we

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