Research - JUNE 10, 2021

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Demand for sustainable buildings creates new industry collaborations

by Released

JLL Philadelphia has formed a joint venture with Nexii Building Solutions, a Vancouver-based green construction technology company.

JLL will support the evaluation of real estate owners, developers, construction groups and other qualified enterprises to become licensed manufacturing partners. These Nexii Certified Manufacturers (NCMs) will establish new manufacturing plants throughout the United States to produce high-quality sustainable buildings. The Nexii-JLL collaboration aligns with both organizations' significant commitments to sustainability within real estate and the built environment.

As part of this joint effort, JLL will identify potential NCMs and pair them with real estate owners and developers to build and operate plants that will produce Nexii's products. Using a breakthrough rapid development process, Nexii's cost-competitive building solution significantly reduces construction time and carbon emissions, and will bring hundreds of green manufacturing jo

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