9 in 10 companies will return-to-office by 2024
Research - SEPTEMBER 5, 2023

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9 in 10 companies will return-to-office by 2024

by Andrea Zander

Nine in 10 companies will have returned to the office (RTO) by 2024, according Resumerbuilder, which surveyed 1,000 company decision makers.

When asked about their current or future RTO plans, only 2 percent of respondents say their company never plans to require employees to work in-person. Fifty-one percent currently require some or all employees to work in-person, 39 percent plan to by the end of 2024, and 8 percent plan to by 2025 or later.

Among respondents whose companies have already returned to office, 31 percent say they started requiring workers to come back in 2021, 41 percent in 2022, and 27 percent in 2023. The vast majority of respondents in this group say they have seen an improvement in revenue, productivity, worker retention, and more.

Eighty-three percent of respondents whose companies have returned to office say they currently track employee attendance, and 70 percent of respondents whose companies plan to RTO in 2024 say they will also track

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