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Institutional Real Estate Europe provides readers with industry news and insights on private equity real estate, helping property investors and other decision makers understand market trends and issues and shape their strategy accordingly. This monthly publication delivers valuable data and information, as well as commentary from thought leaders throughout Europe.

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  • February 2016
    By the numbers: Real estate funds bounced back last year

    Into the regions: Investors are thinking more outside the top-tier city box
  • January 2016
    The good, the bad and the ugly: The bad bank era comes of age

    The new reality: European real estate investors should take what they can get
  • December 2015
    Did you see this coming?: Are Europe's real estate markets at risk of being undermined by Europe

    Assessing the alternatives: High-yield investments - a smart move or a risky business?
  • November 2015
    Heavy weather: Investing in emerging markets is not for the faint-hearted

    Connecting the dots: How China's economic malaise could affect US real estate markets
  • October 2015
    What's in store?: Are logistics facilities the new must-have for investors?

    The global hunt for yield: Investors are going further afield and exploring alternatives in a low-return environment
  • September 2015
    A new name: A new cover and the same high-quality coverage

    Close to home: Real estate markets in northern Europe are fundamentally attractive
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