NFI-ODCE Index 2022 In Review & What’s Next

If you're benchmarking to ODCE, or your funds and/or separate accounts are benchmarked against ODCE, or if you're looking for a suitable benchmark to help your clients evaluate the performance of your recommendations, you'll want to watch this important quarterly update series. You'll learn how the composition of the index is changing, the forces driving those changes and gain a better understanding of the contributions each property type and geographic region has been contributing to performance. You’ll also see how the index is performing comparable to inflation, interest rates and publicly traded real estate securities, as well as how capital has been flowing into and out of these funds and trends in historical entry and exit queues. Gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics of this all important benchmark. (03/2023)

Geoffrey Dohrmann
Chairman and CEO
Institutional Real Estate, Inc.

Garrett Zdolshek
Portfolio Manager
IDR Investment Management

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