IREI:LIVE – Future of Logistics & Retail

During the Future of logistics & retail webinar, we examine how logistics and retail have evolved over the last 20 years to put today's opportunities and challenges into context. The topics discussed are what are the key drivers today as well as what are some key aspects and nuances that are misunderstood to provide new insights into known trends today. From there, we examine how today's emerging trends will create new opportunity sets in the future. Then, to wrap everything up, we take a look at how technology, sustainability and retail trends are reshaping demand and design for logistics and retail to see what types of buildings the winners of tomorrow will be? (12/2021)

Loretta Clodfelter, Senior Editor, Institutional Real Estate Americas
Institutional Real Estate, Inc.

Macro Retail & Logistics Trends

  • Overview: How have retail and logistics evolved over the past 20 years?
  • What are the main drivers of those trends?
  • Which retail and logistics trends are likely to persist, which ones are temporary?
  • What are the main risks to watch today and tomorrow?

Melinda McLaughlin
SVP, Global Head of Research, Prologis

Jim Raisides
Managing Partner, TA Realty

Maria Surina
Senior Investment Director, Real Assets Group, Cambridge Associates

Kyle Turner
Principal and Director of Investments, Equus Capital Partners

Future of Retail

  • What types of retail experiences will consumers want in the future?
  • How is retail reinventing itself?
  • How does sustainability fit into the retail space of the future?
  • Defining future opportunities and potential return ranges.

Devon W. Olson, MAI, CRE
Director – Real Estate, Utah Retirement Systems

Rebecca Strom
Senior Director of Asset Management, West Region, Hines

Future of Logistics

  • What are the location, size, and design trends of the future?
  • What are future technological requirements?
  • How does sustainability fit into the logistics space of the future?
  • Defining future opportunities and potential return ranges.

Austin Carmichael
Real Estate Investment Officer, Oregon State Treasury

Juan R. DeAngulo
Managing Partner, Elion

Nicole Welch
Managing Director, Clarion Partners

Sponsored by:
Clarion Partners
EQUUS Capital Partners
TA Realty

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