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In Focus: Greg Lindsay on the city of tomorrow

Greg Lindsay, journalist, urbanist, futurist, speaker and author, discusses the attributes that the city of tomorrow will have that have always made successful cities great. (03/2019)

Shop Talk: Building low and minimum volatility equities portfolios

What is low and minimum volatility investing? What is the goal of this type of investment? What are some of the strategies available for creating these types of equities portfolios? Our guest, Dana D’Auria, managing director of Symmetry Partners, explains the process. (03/2019)

In Focus: Jacques Gordon on the outlook for 2019

Jacques Gordon, global head of research and strategy at LaSalle Investment Management, discusses the macro outlook for 2019 as well as some investment strategy implications for that outlook. (02/2019)

Inside the Edition: Tracking performance with the new IPA/Stanger Monitor

The Institute for Portfolio Alternatives (IPA) and Robert A. Stanger & Co. have taken first steps in reporting the performance of nonlisted REITs and other investments. The inaugural issue of the IPA/Stanger Monitor, published January 2019, tracks the performance of 56 nonlisted REITs, including seven net-asset-value REITs and 49 Lifecycle REITs. Anthony Chereso, president and CEO of the IPA, and Kevin Gannon, chairman and CEO of Stanger, join the program to explain their collaboration on the new product. (03/2019)

Shop Talk: The M&A frenzy among RIAs

2018 was another record year for M&A activity among wealth advisory firms. Who are the acquirers in the RIA space? What is the typical deal structure? How has the trend affected valuations? Does having fewer and larger RIAs mean portend greater use of alternatives and real assets in client portfolios? In the thick of M&A frenzy is Dan Kreuter, founder and chairman of the Gladstone Group, which provides M&A consulting to wealth advisory firms. He joins the program. (03/2019)

Shop Talk: Alternatives and the need to automate the investing process

Currently, almost all alternative investments are processed manually — with paper documents mailed or faxed between sponsors, advisers and their investor clients — rather than electronically. That is done at a significant cost to all parties. Why have these processes not been automated? What kind of automation is possible? What would putting automation in the hands of advisers and investors mean to the use of alts and real assets in investment portfolios? Bill Robbins, CEO of WealthForge, explains the issue.…

Shop Talk: Trends and investment opportunities in U.S. real estate

What property types are attracting the most dollars or enthusiasm these days? What property type or types have fallen out of favor with investors? How does various investment strategies — such as core, value-add and opportunistic — stack up? Are tier-one markets still hoovering up the dollars, or is the appeal of secondary markets continued to assert itself? Michael Campbell, CEO of The Carlton Group, joins us to discuss those issues. (02/2019)

Shop Talk: Fintech and its role at financial advisory firms

Technology has made its move on the financial advisory business in a big way, now the question becomes where will fintech take financial advisers and what is the proper ratio of high-touch to go with the high-tech. Along the way, what roles are AI and blockchain likely to play? To discuss fintech and its advances, we are joined by Christopher Giles, chief information officer at Chalice Financial Network. (02/2019)

Shop Talk: How deficits and political gridlock could benefit real estate investors

Adam Ruggiero, the head of real estate research and strategy for MetLife Investment Management, recently authored an investment strategy report titled Real Estate and Reflation, in which he and his co-authors counterintuitively reason that rising deficits and partisan political gridlock in Washington, D.C., might actually work in favor of real estate investors. He joins us to elaborate on why he and research team members have come to that conclusion. (02/2019)
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