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Author Spotlight: Creating the urban dream by tackling the affordable housing crisis with compassion

Our guest, and coronavirus survivor, is Clay Grubb, chairman and CEO of Grubb Properties, and author of Creating the Urban Dream: Tackling the Affordable Housing Crisis with Compassion. He hails from Lexington, N.C., barbecue capital of the United States, and now runs his organization in Charlotte, N.C., where he counts basketball legend Michael Jordan and football star Cam Newton among his high-rise apartment neighbors. And, yes, we discuss his book and his prescriptions for bringing affordable housing to cities across…

In Focus: Tim Shine on attracting and retaining talent

Tim Shine, principal at Shine Associates, discusses hiring challenges for employers, tips for attracting new talent and why having a well-honed interview process is key. (04/2020) Tim Shine attended IREI's 2020 Visions, Insights & Perspectives (VIP) Americas event in Dana Point, Calif. in January.

Shop Talk: Turning trash to energy using gasification plants

In St. Albert, Canada, Mayor Cathy Heron is launching a local infrastructure project called the sustainable neighborhoods program that employs waste-to-energy technology to empty local landfills and use the gas produced by garbage to create heat or electricity with basically zero emissions and a reusable ash byproduct. She joins us to explain the project and its economics. (05/2020)

In Focus: Melis Ogutcu on investing in greenfield deals

Part 2 in series Melis Ogutcu, head of research, North America at Inframation and Sparkspread, discusses why investors are using P3s to invest in greenfield deals, and which sectors and geographies are poised to see the most growth in 2020. (04/2020) This is the second video in an interview series about brownfield and greenfield trends. Watch part 1 here.

Shop Talk: Investor behavior and the conferences business in the age of COVID-19

How has the coronavirus pandemic affected alternative investments? Why have some alt investments been sidelined? What has been the impact on investor behavior? And when will industry conferences come back and how will they differ from the past? We talk with guest John Harrison, executive director of the Alternative & Direct Investment Securities Association, better known as ADISA. (04/2020)

Shop Talk: E-sports booms as competitive video-gamers shelter

Competitive video-gaming is heralded to be a bigger category than TV viewing, triple the size of the global film business, and the leading form of entertainment among the Gen Z and millennial cohorts. The world's 2.6 billion video-gamers are represented by teams and leagues built around videogames, including Super League Gaming, whose CEO, Ann Hand, is our guest. The Super League Gaming platform was cited by Zacks Investment Research earlier this month as one the five recession-proof stocks. (04/2020)

Shop Talk: The impact of government stimulus on the multifamily and affordable housing sectors

The coronavirus-triggered economic emergency in the United States has left many people unemployed and struggling to pay bills, including their rent fees. Inna Khidekel, a partner at Bridge Investment Group, operates in the multifamily, workforce housing and affordable housing spaces, and she joins the program to discuss the impact the federal government’s stimulus program is having on the U.S. housing sector. (04/2020)

The Dohrmann Report: April 2020

What did the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic teach us about the world's ability to rebound from medical and economic trauma? What are some of the factors that need to be taken into account with regard to the current COVID-19 pandemic and economic shutdown? And, on a microcosmic level, how has it been affecting business operations at Institutional Real Estate, Inc., parent company of Real Assets Adviser? Geoffrey Dohrmann, founder and CEO of the company, offers some perspectives. (04/2020)

In Focus: Tom Masthay on TMRS' real assets portfolio

Tom Masthay, director of private equity at Texas Municipal Retirement System, provides an update on TMRS' real estate and infrastructure strategies and shares goals for the real assets portfolio in 2020. (04/2020)
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