Institutional Investing in Infrastructure

September 1, 2022: Vol. 15, Number 8

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Rockefeller’s next revolution: Extending clean energy to 1 billion people in Third World countries

There are nearly 3 billion people on the planet who consume less than 1,000 kilowatt hours per year of energy and electricity — one-twelfth of what the average U.S. citizen consumes. But those energy misers are going to consume increasing amounts of energy over time, which naturally leads to this question: Is that energy going to be generated by more coal, or will renewable electrification and new energy technologies be able to reduce air pollution and mitigate climate change?


Infrastructure 101: A guide to white papers, articles and reports focused on the basics of infrastructure and infrastructure investing

In this EDHECinfra survey, we asked a large sample of investors in infrastructure why they need to have access to ESG data i.e., non-financial data, for the assets they hold or want to hold. We examine three main questions: 1. What is the main purpose or use-case of nonfinancial (ESG) data for investors in infrastructure? 2. What risks most require non-financial data to make better investment decisions in infrastructure? 3. What kind of data is the most useful and relevant to make such decisions?


Global listed infrastructure: Essential news and notes

The GLIO Index of infrastructure companies fell in June (–6.3 percent), and year-to-date is now on negative ground (–6.1 percent). Global equities continued their decline (–8.6 percent) in June, meaning at the halfway point of 2022 they were down (–20.1 percent).


All eyes on inflation-protected infrastructure as prices soar

After nearly a decade of subdued inflation, the COVID-19 pandemic and geopolitical events have brought significant price pressures back to the world. The impact of inflation, and subsequent central bank action, has been swift and severe this year, with growth-style equities and fixed-income markets facing particular punishment.

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