Global listed infrastructure: Essential news and notes
- September 1, 2022: Vol. 15, Number 8

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Global listed infrastructure: Essential news and notes

by Fraser Hughes

The GLIO Index of infrastructure companies fell in June (–6.3 percent), and year-to-date is now on negative ground (–6.1 percent). Global equities continued their decline (–8.6 percent) in June, meaning at the halfway point of 2022 they were down (–20.1 percent).

In June, electric (–6.5 percent), gas (–5.5 percent), and water utilities (–3.4 percent) all moved lower. This resulted in a drop of (–6.2 percent) for the aggregate utility index.

Renewables weakened (–7 percent). Railroads (–4.1 percent) and passenger rail (–3.7 percent) continued their recent pullback. Toll-roads (–4.4 percent), airports (–9.8 percent) and marine ports (–10.6 percent) all moved backwards. The combined transportation group ended down (–4.7 percent).

In June, the great start to 2022 for energy transportation and storage halted as share prices cooled (–10.9 percent). Year-to-date, the sector remains on solid ground (12.1 percent), while telecom infrastruc

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