Institutional Investing in Infrastructure

October 2011: Vol. 4, Number 9

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The Opportunity in Natural Gas Infrastructure: New Technologies and Regulations Have Put the Sector on a High-Growth Course

The market for natural gas has changed fundamentally in recent years. The geographical shift in natural gas production and massive new gas discoveries are creating significant demand for new infrastructure, including power generation assets to midstream pipeline and storage infrastructure. Investors say this is a unique time to invest and the opportunity is expected to last for years.


Shop Talk: A Conversation with Jessica Bauly

The state of infrastructure in many countries is troubling, and few countries — from emerging to developed — are completely on track to deliver what most industry watchers believe is necessary to upgrade, let alone improve upon, their infrastructure. A recent survey of U.K. firms about the state of domestic infrastructure, Making the Right Connections: CBI/KPMG Infrastructure Survey 2011, illustrates the concern being raised in the United Kingdom, a country that has rated well with regard to infrastructure delivery in the past. Institutional Investing in Infrastructure assistant editor Tyson Freeman recently discussed the survey results with Jessica Bauly, head of infrastructure of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), one of the United Kingdom’s largest business organizations.

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