Institutional Real Estate Asia Pacific

October 1, 2016: Vol. 8, Number 9

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Asia Pacific

Muted returns in August for real estate stocks

During August, both Asia Pacific and global property stocks had muted performance, as the markets once again assessed the balance of conflicting global economic data and signs the US Federal Reserve would be more likely to raise interest rates in 2016, which led to a strengthening dollar.


Asia Pacific

Shop Talk: A conversation with Hing Yin Lee

Hing Yin Lee is executive director of China Ping An Trust Co, the investment arm of China’s Ping An Insurance Group. Lee recently spoke with Jonathan Schein, Institutional Real Estate, Inc’s senior vice president and managing director of global business development, about the firm’s approach to overseas property investment and the type of deals it finds most attractive.

Asia Pacific

So long, Alvin Toffler (So long, so long)

Earlier this year, on June 27, Alvin Toffler died. For those few of you who’ve never heard of him, Toffler released a seminal and oddly prophetic tome called Future Shock in 1970. In that work, he coined the term “information overload” — an experience with which we’ve all become intimately familiar today, 46 years later.

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