Institutional Real Estate Asia Pacific

November 1, 2023: Vol. 15, Number 10

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Asia Pacific

Sustaining data: Why the data centre sector needs to embrace going green

Our increasingly digitised world places ever-greater demands on where and how we store that data. The boom in artificial intelligence, driven in particular by recent advances in generative AI, adds further pressure on a speciality sector that’s increasingly mainstream. AI demands far-greater power supply and a higher density of servers, translating into a higher burn rate for energy.

Asia Pacific

More than return: Managing risk in real estate private credit

Fund managers and investors are primarily concerned with two aspects when deploying capital: risk and return. While the concept of return is broadly well understood, managing risk in the real estate private debt sphere is often less so. This stresses the importance of knowing how risk can be reduced and mitigated, and the common instruments and tools used to achieve this for the benefit of investors.

Asia Pacific

Investor views on using proptech

Areas for the use of proptech are advancing rapidly, enabling capital allocators to dig deeper into their investment decisions. From machine learning and digital twins to occupancy management systems, a wealth of tools are available now. Which tech should real estate investors be using? And what hurdles still exist in their adoption?

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