Institutional Real Estate Europe

November 1, 2018: Vol. 12, Number 10

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Storms on the horizon: Many observers predict a slow and measured increase in interest rates once QE winds down. But Brexit could whip up some treacherous weather

Fuelled by QE and nimble government responses to the global financial crisis, Europe’s economies have mostly enjoyed growth since 2008. But serious questions are being asked now as to how long real estate investors can rely on the perhaps somewhat prematurely labelled “new normal” landscape of low interest rates and inflation.


A new perspective: A better understanding of alternatives has allowed investors to blend core and niche assets

Alternatives are fast becoming the new mainstream. That was the message from CBRE in its half-year Property Perspective report on niche real estate in the UK. Aptly sub-titled More Mainstream than Mainstream, the report highlighted that a squeeze on returns and a glut of traditional property assets have prompted some investors to skip the core market and head straight to alternatives.


Insights from Amsterdam: Institutional Real Estate Europe’s 2018 editorial advisory board meeting was as fascinating as ever

We just closed the proceedings of our 2018 annual editorial advisory board meeting for Institutional Real Estate Europe. Held at the Pulitzer Hotel in Amsterdam, 41 investor, investment manager and consultant representatives, who collectively control or advise more than €7.9 trillion in assets and nearly €1 trillion in real estate holdings, came together over two days to engage in networking events and closed private facilitated discussion sessions.


Mix your bricks: Right-sizing your public and private core allocations

A key principle of investing in real estate is right-sizing the mix between private and public allocations. Plan sponsors, asset allocators, and investment managers must decide how to allocate to real estate given its different liquidity flavours, ranging from REITs with daily liquidity, to private core real estate strategies with quarterly liquidity, and where to allocate each within their overall portfolio.

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