Institutional Real Estate Europe

May 1, 2023: Vol. 17, Number 5

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Taking care: Europe’s sometimes controversial senior living market has held back private capital from entering the sector, but more uniform regulation could soon reassure investors

With the continent’s ageing, more affluent demographic, the opportunity in senior living real estate is clear, but there are still many challenges to navigate. There are rules and regulations that can vary greatly between locations, not to mention different service standards that must be adhered to. But improvements in care and a better regulatory environment should make it easier for investors to gain exposure to the sector.


Five-star quality: The hotel sector has undergone major changes post-COVID that have disrupted previous operational norms, but a recovery is under way, and the future could be bright

The European hotel sector has had to come to terms with a number of changes following the COVID-19 crisis. From interruptions to previously long-established operational standards, to a shift in investment focus, the market has had to adjust to a number of tough new realities. But in many ways, once the turmoil of the post-COVID 19 world dies down, hotels are well positioned.


Readjusting in real time: ESG, net zero and the evolution of asset adaptation

The growing importance of ESG factors, including the focus on the transition to net zero, demands strong technical and policy skills by managers. The need to adapt to a complex, evolving and — sometimes contradictory — range of policy-occupier and investor-driven standards has narrowed the definition of core assets, increased capital expenditure requirements and meaningfully enhanced obsolescence risks associated with inaction.


When size is not an advantage: High-tech, high-touch revisited

It has become a truism of the age of networks that the larger the network, the more powerful it is. But there is one place where size does not create advantage: face-to-face gatherings. There are only so many people anyone can physically connect and engage with during face-to-face and even virtual events. In this case, less is always better than more.

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