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March 1, 2016: Vol. 10, Number 03

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Proving a point: Why David Bowie and Glenn Frey matter

We’ve certainly seen some wonderful artists pass away over recent weeks, including Eagles co-founder Glenn Frey and iconic rock star David Bowie. And though it may seem like a stretch, the arcs of these two musicians’ careers present an opportunity to reflect on how they can apply to our own industry, certainly in terms of investment management and strategy. And it’s not as much of a stretch as you may think.


I like this place: Is the private rented sector finally establishing itself in the United Kingdom?

“I like this place and willingly could waste my time in it” wrote Shakespeare in As You Like It. And it may be that the British are now getting to like a new kind of place to live in, one already much better known in many other parts of Europe and North America. The private rented sector (PRS), institutionally-owned and professionally-managed developments of rental homes (known as multifamily housing almost everywhere else, but what’s in a name), is now finally taking root in the United Kingdom.


UK property

The British Property Federation, the trade association for the United Kingdom’s property sector, recently released a report, commissioned from Toscafund Asset Management LLP and titled Britain’s Property CREdentials, that highlights the role played in the UK economy by commercial real estate, defined as any property whose main function is to generate income for its owner.


The variety show: Germany's top cities are all class real estate acts, but which is the headline act?

Among commercial real estate investors, Germany is talked about as having seven top markets — the A cities — and a multitude of smaller B, C and D cities that cannot be termed secondary or regional but that often play off one or other of the top cities. Everyone is in agreement on the identity of these top cities — in alphabetical order: Berlin, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart. Where people are less certain is on the ranking of the top seven.


The half-life of facts

Do you like facts? Some people swear by them. In fact, some people find it impossible to move without first assembling a comprehensive array of unimpeachable “facts” pointing at certainty.

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