Institutional Real Estate Americas

March 1, 2013: Vol. 25, Number 3

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Summit Capital places a stake in oil-rich Eagle Ford Shale

Deep in the south of Texas there is a gold rush in the form of the Eagle Ford Shale, which some are calling one of the largest oil and natural gas fields in the world. Like the Bakken Shale in North Dakota, it has caught the attention of both oil and gas companies, which are pumping billions into extraction operations, and real estate interests, which are looking to build all manner of asset classes to accommodate the human surge.


Asia calling: There is a clear opportunity for real estate investors to capitalize on the Asian Century

From the first century up until the industrial revolution, Asia Pacific was by far the dominant power in the global economy, as it has long been the most populous region. Industrialization allowed Europe and North America to greatly increase productivity and take the lead throughout the 20th century. In fact, industrialization has so greatly increased productivity that global output in the first decade of the 21st century is reckoned to have surpassed the sum total of global output in the first 19 centuries.


True believers: The yellow brick road to fantastical returns

My son’s birthday is approaching, and I got to thinking about giving and receiving presents. It’s a great concept; for doing nothing except being there on a given day people offer you gifts. Sometimes people offer gifts that may not necessarily be appropriate for the child.


Carried interest: Tax treatment remains status quo

In simple terms, “carried interest” is the share of the profits from a partnership (or another entity that is taxed as a partnership) that is distributed to the general partner (who is often an adviser, developer or manager) of the partnership that is greater than the manager’s pro rata share of the capital contributed to the partnership. Carried interest is also often referred to as a “promote” or “incentive distribution.”


Investors favor real estate, especially core properties

Not only are the vast majority of investors satisfied with their real estate investments, they also think the asset class will provide the greatest risk-adjusted return in 2013. These are positive signs reflective of the ongoing turnaround in the real estate asset class.

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