Institutional Investing in Infrastructure

July 2011: Vol. 4, Number 7

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From the Current Issue


The Appeal of Listed Infrastructure: A Case Revisited

In the newly released RREEF white paper titled, A Compelling Investment Opportunity: The Case for Global Listed Infrastructure Revisited, we provide an overview of this relatively new investment sector and an analysis of its performance characteristics, its role in a multi-asset portfolio, its role relative to a broad infrastructure allocation, and the mega-trends and structural drivers shaping the sector.


Summer Reading List: Recent Reports Outline Key Trends and Themes Driving Today

A slew of new reports and papers that cover trends in infrastructure investing have been published recently. They provide a quick overview of the market as well as details of significant changes following the global financial crisis. The following article is a summary of these reports, organized in three sections: 1) an overview of infrastructure; 2) institutional investors and infrastructure; and 3) other reports of note. 


The Art of Asset Management: After the Deal Closes, the Hard Work Begins

Traditionally, infrastructure investing has been about tapping into the cash flows of assets that keep economies running — power plants, roads, bridges, ports and water facilities — and it is the operations of those assets that can make or break investor expectations. Now that the go-go days of the past few years are gone, a new emphasis on the nuts and bolts of asset management has returned to the forefront of investors’ minds. What should investors look for when deciding who is best suited to manage an infrastructure investment?

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