Institutional Real Estate Americas

January 2009: Vol. 21 No. 1

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How Does LEED Certification Impact the Insurance on My Building?

Philip Glick, senior vice president at ECBM Insurance Brokers & Consultants, answers this month’s reader’s question.

From an insurance and risk management standpoint, LEED-certified construction may represent significantly better risks to the insurance industry.

The idea is that developers and operators of LEED-certified buildings who put a greater emphasis on environmentally clean sites and construction methods, along with the selection of top-quality contractors, building methods and materials, will produce better built projects with lower operational costs.


Shop Talk: A Conversation with John Levy

The current credit crisis has significantly crimped the flow of capital available to real estate investors. Getting a deal financed has become much more challenging due to the lack of funds as well as stricter underwriting standards. Larry Gray, editorial director of Institutional Real Estate, Inc., spoke with John Levy, president of Richmond, Va.–based real estate investment banking firm John B. Levy & Co., to get his take on the current capital market environment.



Feeling the Squeeze: Real Estate Managers Respond to Historic Market Upheaval

Still reeling from last fall’s financial market meltdown, real estate managers are assessing damages and charting their course for the perilous year ahead.

When BlackRock announced its third quarter earnings in October, it was evident that the impact of the capital market crisis and the frozen financial systems had finally made its way to the commercial real estate sector. The asset management titan’s net losses for the quarter included $13.4 million in losses from real estate products compared to net gains a year ago of $26.9 million.

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