Institutional Real Estate Americas

January 1, 2024: Vol. 36, Number 1

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On pace: An alternative financing solution in a tight lending environment

Since the Federal Reserve began its monetary policy tightening cycle in March 2022, the benchmark interest rate increased from a range of 0 percent to 0.25 percent to a range of 5.25 percent to 5.50 percent. This increase in financing costs has sent reverberations throughout the ecosystem of commercial real estate by decreasing the availability of financing from commercial banks and slowing real estate transaction volumes and construction activity.


Managing people: Why it’s different

Not everyone who reads this column is responsible for managing people, but at some time in your career, if not now, you may be called upon to do so. Ferdinand Fournies, the author of the book Why Employees Don’t Do What They’re Supposed To Do and What To Do About It, points out that being promoted into a management role for the first time is akin to being knighted.

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