- June 1, 2012: Vol. 6, Number 6

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Who Are the Leaders?: These Are Uncertain and Volatile Times, but Some Real Estate Players Are Showing How to Get Ahead

by Charlotte Mentha

Debt. Deficit. Austerity. Unemployment. Inflation. For what seems longer than just the past few months, the old continent has been struggling with these demons. Investors are still eager to find new opportunities despite these threats. The real estate sector can be an attractive option, because it’s seen to be far less risky than stocks and shares and offers better returns than the obligations of bonds. Investors are hence still interested in real estate prospects in the “golden triangle”: France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Specifically, investors are on the lookout for prime office assets in London, Paris, Munich, Frankfurt and Berlin. But other investors have become more adventurous and are seeking returns from different types of assets and markets.

In 2011, depending on who you speak to, Ä110 billion was spent on real estate across Europe. 2012 is set to be a year filled with uncertainty due to economic and political upheaval, particularly in Europe th

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