- November 1, 2022: Vol. 16, Number 10

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Doing well, getting better: What does the continual push to help tenant wellbeing mean, in practice, for landlords?

by Stelios Bouras

In a bid to handle the fallout from the pandemic and boost asset performance amidst challenging economic conditions, real estate investors are turning their attention to wellness in increasing numbers.

Moves that improve the mental and physical wellbeing of workers are adding appeal to commercial property as companies struggle to get workers back to their desks, while tenants at residential sites express a deep need to get outdoors again.

Items such as floor-to-ceiling windows and outdoor bike-parking racks have been a feature of properties for some time, but landlords are now going the extra mile. They are fine tuning building acoustics, improving air quality, sitting tenants down at the same table to encourage mingling and even making beer from food scraps in a quest to slash waste and secure sustainable living.

Wellness activities are normally provided on the premises, but in some cases they start when employees are nowhere near the office, such as at 22 Bish

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