- May 1, 2015: Vol. 9, Number 5

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The past is behind us: And we are looking forward to the future

by Sheila Hopkins

Institutional Real Estate, Inc’s VIP – Europe conference is now four years old, and a lot has happened in those years. During the first year, we were seriously talking about the possible (probable?) implosion of the euro zone (and we could be again, if the Greece situation does not finally get resolved) and wondering if investors would ever come out of their bomb shelters.

This year, we were looking at global capital flows and the wave of capital flooding into Europe from Asia and the United States. We looked at tech gamechangers and how advances in technology are changing the use of space. We are no longer wondering when investors will re-enter the market, we are now wondering if they are getting what they are being promised, so we dove into that topic.

Not only have investors come back, but they have come back more confident in their skills and more vocal about wanting to keep some control and oversight via partnerships rather than pooled funds, and so we looked

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