- January 1, 2015: Vol. 27, Number 1

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The future of urban agriculture in U.S. cities

by Viki Radden


The U.S. population is more than 316 million. In less than 40 years, the U.S. Census Bureau projects, we will reach 450 million, a 42 percent increase. Where is this population going to live? The answer to that question appears relatively clear. America’s urban population increased by 12.1 percent from 2000 to 2010, outpacing the nation’s overall growth rate of 9.7 percent for the same period. Today, more than 82 percent of U.S. citizens live in urban areas.

Questions arise from this trend that may influence the future of commercial real estate.

1.              How is this surging urban population to be fed? For example, traditionally, we have fumigated, hauled and distributed produce such as tomatoes from the western U.S. food baskets 3,000 miles to New York City. But does a tomato grown in California with a priority for breeding for appearance and the hardiness to travel long distances without rotting or damage provide a better product

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