- November 1, 2021: Vol. 33, Number 10

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A small alternative: micro data centers and cryptocurrency farms

by Phil Raglin

As the pandemic lingers, vacant space is becoming an increasingly serious problem. While many owners aren’t equipped to accommodate full data centers at their properties because of square footage and other tenant requirements, they may not be aware their space is ideal for a micro data center or cryptocurrency farm.

What are micro data centers and cryptocurrency farms? About the size of a school locker, micro data centers are used to tackle issues that traditional data centers aren’t able to manage. Because of their smaller square footage, micro data centers work well in office spaces and can be set up in retail stores to run security systems, cash registers and other systems.

Cryptocurrency farms condense huge quantities of computing data into tiny spaces. They are perfect for warehouses, small offices or even residential spaces.

Both micro data centers and cryptocurrency farms are becoming increasingly popular sources of rental income for property owners a

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