Research Roundup: March 2023
- March 1, 2023: Vol. 10, Number 3

Research Roundup: March 2023

by Mike Consol

J.P. Morgan Private Bank has published a new insight piece asking the question, Are you in the private (super-hot) market to buy a private jet? It offers best practices for making a sound purchase decision. Read it here.

Graceada Partners released a new white paper titled The Emerging Value of Third City Markets, which explores the ranking and evaluation of 20 “under-the-radar markets in America.” Access a copy here.

Morgan Stanley has issued a 2023 M&A outlook headlined, 4 Trends to Watch as Deal-Making Accelerates. The upshot: After a muted second half of 2022 for M&As, activity should pick up in 2023 as financial sponsors deploy capital, activist investors press for corporate change, and buyers and sellers agree on valuations and pricing. Read it here.

LaSalle has written a new report titled, Real estate’s flight to quality is bringing investors and occupiers closer, authored by Beverly Kilbride, the firm’s COO for Europe. Access it here.

Eagle Global Advisors offers an explanation about The Many Benefits of Dividend Growth Investing. Read it here.

BlackRock Alternatives has a new report challenging investors devotion to the traditional. The report, titled Think beyond 60/40, posits that with higher stock market volatility and a long-term return problem for clients, it’s time to question the sanctity of the 60/40 portfolio, and suggests alternative investments can help build more resilient portfolios that seek to amplify returns and diversify equity risk. Read it here.

Commonwealth has a new report titled 7 Tools Advisors Need to Give High-Net-Worth Clients What They Want. It’s available here.

 In this age of turbulence and change, S&P Global has produced a spate of articles as part of an umbrella report titled Look Forward designed to help investors navigate the path ahead. Access them here.

Guggenheim Investments has authored a new report titled 10 Macroeconomic Themes for 2023 that can be accessed here.

Blackstone goes one-on-one with Jennifer Morgan, the firm’s global head of its portfolio operations team. In this video, she discusses what’s on the minds of Blackstone portfolio company CEOs in an uncertain economic environment. View it here.

CIM Group observes that for many years, warehouses were considered an outsider in the commercial real estate industry. The plain boxes of cavernous space scattered primarily along highways, railways, airports and seaports lacked the charm of luxury hotels, trophy offices, high-end apartments, entertainment retail centers and mixed-use projects. Things have changed enormously. Download the firm’s report on industrial real estate here.

J.P. Morgan Asset Management has issued a pair of new reports, one titled Core private infrastructure outlook: Strong despite headwinds, the other titled Transportation outlook: Navigating supply chain shifts. The former can be accessed here; the latter here.

Buckingham Strategic Wealth says the arithmetic of active management is a simple investment concept that can be used to enhance portfolio performance. In this episode of Buckingham Weekly Perspectives, Jared Kizer, head of investment research, explores this idea, explains the two types of investors, and shares the possible costs of active management. Watch the video here.

Carlyle has a new piece titled 5 Questions for 2023, authored by Jason Thomas, the private equity firm’s head of global research. Read it here.

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