Research Roundup: June 2023
- June 1, 2023: Vol. 10, Number 6

Research Roundup: June 2023


How do the wealthy invest, and what can the rest of us learn from them? A new paper from Origin Investments interestingly notes that investment strategies favored by the wealthy have changed. Learn more here.


Pershing CEO Jim Crowley and Arta Finance CEO and co-founder Caesar Sengupta recently sat down for a conversation about Arta’s launch and their relationship with BNY Mellon. Read an excerpt from their discussion, titled Next Level Digital Wealth Solutions, here.


Nuveen Real Estate has published its latest edition of RealAccess, which reports that investors have withstood significance market turmoil during the past year, and real estate has continued to be a resilient buffer of that turbulence in portfolios. Download the report here.


The new Real Assets Quarterly from Brookfield Public Securities explains why real assets are well positioned to weather volatility and disruption resulting from the banking system crisis, as well as where the firm believes the Fed is headed, and covers a variety of asset classes. Read it here.


Mercer Advisors warns about The Perils of Suspended Losses and the S Corporation. What is an S Corporation? What are its tax considerations? What about pass-through losses? Read the report here.


Ever wondered why people say “20 bucks” in reference to a transaction today? At one point, the “buck” served as a bona fide way of exchanging value or communicating a price for a good or service in the United States. Learn more from the Moneta Group from its new article titled Does the “Buck” Stop Here? Current Concerns with U.S. Dollar Dominance. Access the article here.


A report from Moody’s Analytics, CRE is Vulnerable, but Please Don’t Overlook the Details, alerts investors to take into account factors such as a metro’s commuting times. Read the details here.


Are stocks headed for a sell-off? That’s the question posed by Morgan Stanley in a report of the same name, whose key takeaways include: Recent bank failures have underscored the risk that an earnings recession is looming; tightening credit has made it difficult for businesses to borrow money, hampering growth; and just as bank failures happened “gradually, then suddenly,” an earnings recession could take investors by surprise. Learn more here.


What sets mountain resorts apart from other mixed-use resorts? A recent RCLCO Real Estate Consulting podcast tackles that topic along with executives from Alterra Mountain Co. Listen here.


Could gold replace the dollar as the world’s favored currency? That’s the question tackled by Mariner Wealth Advisors’ chief economist William Greiner. As he observes: When central bankers get nervous about fiat currencies, they tend to buy gold. Learn more here.


Sprott has written its latest uranium report discussing the chemical element’s outperformance, its growing importance to national security, and the macro headwinds that could impact uranium miners. Read it here.


Quent Capital has issued a new article, A New Emerging Market: Low-Earth Orbit, that argues the commercial uses of space — such as mining and space manufacturing — represent a new opportunity for investors. Learn more here.

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