Research Roundup: July 2023
- July 1, 2023: Vol. 10, Number 7

Research Roundup: July 2023


UBS has published its Global Family Office Report 2023. Read it here.


Brookfield Oaktree Wealth Solutions has issued a new report titled Understanding Private Credit: Sponsored Vs. Non-Sponsored Financing. It observes that interest rates are high and bank failures are causing banks to tighten lending standards, creating a surge in demand for private credit. Learn more here.


Some like to move their investments into cash during volatile times. A new paper from AllianceBernstein, Taking a Time Out? The High Price of Idle Cash, takes umbrage. Read it here.


In one of its latest white papers, Autonomous Mobility: Cutting the Cost of Transporting Everything, ARK Investment Management examines the economics of autonomous mobility, including human and freight transport, both of which are facing profound changes. The report is available here.


What are the four pillars of private credit? Briarcliffe Credit Partners’ new Field Guide to Private Credit illuminates on the subject. Read it here.


The latest edition of Brookfield’s Real Assets Monthly, titled Managing Risk Amid Macro Uncertainty, uses a Q&A format to offer its insights. Access it here.


What’s driving private wealth to alternatives? John Hancock Investment Management has published a new paper, (Private wealth is heading to alternatives—what’s driving it and where is it going?), that tackles the subject. It posits that while alternatives have been the preserve of institutional investors for decades, today, more than at any other time, a confluence of factors is paving the way for individual investors to be drivers of growth across the alternatives landscape going forward. The paper is available here.


Blackstone has posted a video update titled Jon Gray: Inflation in the Rearview Mirror. Gray, president of Blackstone, can be heard and seen here.


While CDs may not be as glamorous as other sources of fixed income, over the last few months their yield advantage relative to Treasuries has significantly grown. Buckingham Strategic Wealth elaborates on that point in its latest video, Advantages of Using CDs as Part of Your Fixed Income Portfolio. Watch it here.


Cambridge Associates has a new report that examines how exposure to secondary private market investments has the potential to deliver the benefits of private equity within a more efficient timeframe. Titled Streamlined Private Investing: Uncovering Growth in Secondaries, the paper can be accessed here.


If 2022 was the year of the “policy boomerang,” 2023 seems likely to bring the long-awaited adjustment, according to Carlyle. Its latest Industry Insights, 5 Questions for 2023, picks things up from there. The paper can be read here.


In its third annual study, Broadridge uncovers the investment decisions and practical realities wealth firms face during transformation. The report, titled Digital Transformation: Wealth managers must move fast to stay relevant, is available here.


XA Investments has written a new paper titled Reframing farmland as an investment that calls the asset class a compelling opportunity in an inflationary environment. Read it here.


The latest report from Adhesion Wealth, Let’s Stop Talking About Direct Indexing and Start Talking About Solutions, argues direct indexing has become a buzzword in the financial press, and though it sounds interesting, do private wealth advisers really understand the power and potential applications for their clients? It argues an adviser’s practice can be differentiated and gain value when direct indexing is done in tandem with utility asset management (UAM). Learn more here.

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