Research Roundup: January 2024
- January 1, 2024: Vol. 11, Number 1

Research Roundup: January 2024


State Street writes that the investment industry runs on data, and recent advances in data quality and access have built the industry to its current state. Further innovations in the aggregation and use of data will transform the investment business, it reasons in a report it published and titled, Capturing the data opportunity: Institutional investors in the age of AI. Read it here.


Nuveen writes that, in many parts of the world, wood was the go-to material for housebuilding for thousands of years, until it was replaced by concrete and steel in the 20th century. Now, however, wood is making a comeback in the construction sector, with mass timber an increasingly popular alternative to more carbon intensive materials, like concrete and steel. The report, authored by Gwen Busby, head of research and strategy at Nuveen Natural Capital, can be downloaded here.


Brian Ham, vice president of infrastructure and security at Mercer Advisors, has published a recent article titled, Protecting Yourself from 3 Emerging Cybersecurity Challenges, that warns about new tricks bad actors are using to gain unauthorized access to financial information. The emerging trends to watch out for can be accessed here.


The MIT Center for Real Estate has issued a report title, Exploring the Relationship Between Public Transit and Housing Affordability. It can be accessed here.


Moody’s Analytics’ paper titled Banking Legislation and the Rise of Single-Family Rentals discusses how ongoing headwinds for the single-family homebuying market — higher mortgage rates, stubbornly high prices, and limited supply — only benefit the single-family-rental (SFR) market. As the number of investors jumping into SFR rises, Moody’s argues the history that propelled and shaped the sector’s trajectory cannot be overlooked. The article can be read here.


There is money in music. Just ask the people at Morgan Stanley, who posted a podcast titled Creating Equity in the Music Industry. that It points out that advances in technology has the music industry changing faster than ever. Streaming services add more than 100,000 new songs every day. Meanwhile, record companies and publishers often control ownership of music rights, meaning that they can profit disproportionately. Listen to the podcast here.


Newmark reports that monumental growth in North American manufacturing is under way, with numerous implications for the industrial and logistics market. Download the organization’s report on the topic here.


KKR observes that, in nearly a decade, total global assets under management have grown 118 percent, from $57.8 trillion in 2012 to $125.9 trillion in 2021, while over the same period global private capital AUM has grown more than 300 percent. It’s report on the topic, A New Foundation for Global Wealth: Rebuilding Portfolios for the New Regime, can be read here.


Silvercrest Asset Management says the amount of wealth being passed from one generation to the next has reached unprecedented levels in the United States. According to a study by the consulting firm Accenture, about $30 trillion is set to pass from baby boomers to generation X and millennials over the next several years. Read its report on the topic— Family Wealth: Engaging the Next Generation, written by senior vice president Jennifer Baker — here.


L.C. Kirk & Co. has published its Compensation Report 2023, which provides compensation data for sales and marketing executives who are distributing products throughout the financial adviser community. The report’s data was collected on a daily basis from thousands of industry contacts during 2022. The report is available here.


Zillow has issued its 2024 housing market predictions. Among other trends, expect more homes for sale and improved affordability in the new year. Read the Zillow report here.

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