Investor views on obsolescence risk
- October 1, 2023: Vol. 15, Number 9

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Investor views on obsolescence risk

by Jennifer Molloy

From office to logistics assets and everything in between, obsolescence is a foe of long-term institutional investors. What are the most significant risks to investors, what steps can they take to minimise these risks when acquiring assets, and how can they best modernise properties already in their portfolios to combat these risks?

These and other questions were addressed in a recent virtual roundtable on obsolescence risk with institutional investors, consultants and investment managers. The in-depth strategy session, hosted by Institutional Real Estate, Inc, was moderated by Reno Sio, managing director, Asia Pacific, at IREI. Key takeaways include:

The need to reposition assets in order to avoid obsolescence risk is top of mind for a lot of investors. The ability to do so can be challenging, though, depending on the type of conversion. For example, there has been talk in the United States of converting office assets to multifamily properties, but most

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