- December 1, 2015: Vol. 2, Number 12

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Forecast 2016: Real assets are poised to continue performing well during 2016, though investors must be choosy

by Benjamin Cole

In a nutshell, the business outlook remains one of relatively low interest rates and slow growth in 2016.

A tepid view for some, but for those who compete for real estate there will be heightened competition for limited prime properties. That is good news for well-situated investors and sellers. There are growing piles of treasure in the hunt for property of all kinds, and moneylenders are eager to extend secured funds where they can.

Beyond property, at last in 2016 there may be positive news for the long-suffering commodities, which have become cheap enough that bottoms have been hit, and the inevitable corrections will begin to take place. For example, in October major metals producer Glencore announced a production cut equal to 4 percent of the global zinc supply. Shale oil producers are likewise bringing drilling rigs to a standstill. Across the commodities world, producers are trimming capacity, perhaps leading to the next bull market in tangibles.

With re

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