- June 1, 2019: Vol. 31, Number 6

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Food for thought: Spring 2019 Editorial Advisory Board meeting of Institutional Real Estate Americas

by Loretta Clodfelter

Prior to the Editorial Advisory Board meeting, attendees are asked to provide topics and questions that will serve as a basis for two days of facilitated conversations. Following are a selection of those topics, which should provide a window into the questions and concerns of institutional investors in real estate at this moment in time.

Strategy. Which investment strategy (core-plus, value-add, opportunistic) do you or your clients find most compelling in today’s market? Are you investing in core? If not, how are you replacing that allocation? If so, what strategy characteristics are you looking for? How do investments in core-plus/debt strategies affect the traditional core/value-added/opportunistic portfolio construction? Are core-plus dollars coming from your core allocation or noncore allocation? How do you see your portfolios changing over the next 12 to 18 months? Will you have new investment strategies, markets, sectors? What is your position on maintaining

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